Safety and Industrial Hygiene Consulting in Phoenix, Arizona

Minimize risk, increase OSHA compliance, and safeguard employees so they return home safely with professional safety and industrial hygiene consulting services in Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding areas.

Summit Health, Safety, and Industrial Hygiene Services is your trusted technical service provider for comprehensive safety consulting solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. We facilitate project support locally and across the nation. Our team utilizes highly qualified subject matter experts with diverse project backgrounds, including those with experience in multi-million to billion dollar projects in numerous hazardous industries. We assist with remote or on-site support at your project or facility, including multi-week to multi-month facility shutdowns, maintenance turnarounds, or rotational work. We provide assistance for all phases of project support or address ongoing support needs. Contact us for information or a personalized quote and find out how we can help strengthen and elevate your safety culture.

Safety and Health Consulting Services in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

Common examples of project support and staffing include the following:

Auditing and Inspections

Our team performs mock OSHA inspections and site specific program audits both on-site and remotely to help our clients identify areas of opportunity to improve compliance and reduce risk. OSHA currently can cite employers $15,625.00 for each serious violation and $156,259.00 for each willful or repeat violation.

Respirator Mask Fit Testing Services

OSHA requires workers wearing tight fitting respirators, as required by their employer, to be fit tested before respirator use and annually. We ensure OSHA fit testing protocols are performed by testing individual employees to ensure respirator selection is properly fitted.

Hazard and Risk Assessment

We perform detailed assessments of site specific hazards and risk to help management teams make decisions on how to prioritize, minimize, and mitigate. A third party review can often result in hazards and risk not previously identified.

Safety Program Development

We provide firms the expertise to develop most areas of OSHA required and company required safety programs. A few examples include: Permit Required Confined Space, Hearing Conservation, Hazard Communication, Lockout/Tagout, Respirator Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, etc.

Industrial Hygiene Consulting

We help characterize and quantify employee exposure to physical, chemical, and biological hazards and prepare detailed reports for our clients to identify workplace exposure relative to occupational exposure limits. We assist with mitigation and controls to minimize exposure and achieve compliance.

Safety Training or Curriculum Design

OSHA requires a significant amount of worker training based on the conditions of employer worksites and associated hazards. We deliver training (including customized training) at customer locations to meet OSHA requirements.

On-Site Safety Staffing and Management

Our team provides on-site project assistance or facility staffing needs including on-site Safety Managers to advanced consulting positions. We provide support to our clients for both short term and long term projects.

Site-Specific Safety Plans and OSHA Regulatory Assistance

Many organizations and projects are subject to site-specific safety plans or need assistance with OSHA regulatory support. We create, modify, and advise clients with site-specific plans and perform regulatory assistance.

Why Choose Summit Health, Safety, and Industrial Hygiene Services?

We specialize in providing expert safety solutions, ensuring compliance, risk mitigation, and a secure environment for your business and employees. Partner with us to optimize safety protocols, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve peace of mind.

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