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Elevate your workplace safety with our top-tier Safety Staffing & Consulting Services in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Summit Health, Safety, and Industrial Hygiene Services is your trusted source for comprehensive safety solutions in Salt Lake City, Utah. No matter where your projects take you across the nation, our expertise is there to ensure your safety requirements are met. Whether you’re in need of remote or on-site safety support, whether for short-term shutdowns or ongoing projects, we’ve got your back. Get in touch with us today for a personalized quote and find out how we can help strengthen and elevate your safety culture.

Safety and Health Project Management in Salt Lake City

We assist with remote or on-site safety management support at your project or facility, including multi-week to multi-month facility shutdowns, maintenance turnarounds, or rotational work. We can assist with all phases of project support or address ongoing support needs.

Common examples of project support and staffing include the following:

Safety Staffing and Safety Consulting Services

  • Reduce accidents, incidents, and near-hit accidents.
  • Optimize project staff for improved safety management.
  • Ensure worker safety through tailored project management services.

Project Support and Project Staffing

  • Offer on-site safety management support.
  • Assist during facility shutdowns, maintenance turnarounds, and rotational work.
  • Support all project phases and ongoing needs.

Auditing and Inspections

  • Conduct comprehensive audits and safety inspections.

Employee Safety Orientations

  • Provide safety orientations for new employees.

Hazard Assessment

  • Assess workplace hazards for informed safety planning.

Respirator Mask Fit Testing

  • Provide respirator mask fit testing services.

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Development

  • Develop Job Hazard Analysis to mitigate risks.

Safety Training Program Development

  • Develop organization-specific OSHA-required programs.
  • Design safety training programs.

Why Choose Summit Health, Safety, and Industrial Hygiene Services?

We specialize in providing expert safety solutions, ensuring compliance, risk mitigation, and a secure environment for your business and employees. Partner with us to optimize safety protocols, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve peace of mind.

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